The Safest Cities in Florida: Where to Invest in Real Estate

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What is the safest city in Florida? Florida known for its sun-soaked beaches, sprawling golf courses, and bustling nightlife, remains one of the top places for real estate investments. However, when thinking about long-term investments or planning to raise a family, safety becomes a top priority. Let’s dive into the safest cities in Florida based on crime rates, community involvement, and overall quality of life.


Located in Broward County, Weston is often highlighted as one of the safest cities in Florida. Its low crime rate is a testament to the effective community policing efforts and the city’s emphasis on education and youth activities.

Real Estate Tip: Properties close to top schools and parks tend to fetch higher prices, making them potentially lucrative investments.


Another jewel in Broward County, Parkland is renowned for its luxurious homes, gated communities, and strong educational institutions. The city’s dedication to preserving parks and open spaces also attracts families looking for a serene environment.

Real Estate Tip: Look for properties in communities with enhanced security features. They often appreciate faster and are in high demand among families due to being the safest.


Located just outside Orlando in Seminole County, Oviedo is a city that combines charm with safety. Its small-town feel, coupled with an active community and low crime rates, makes it a popular choice for families and retirees alike.

Real Estate Tip: Investing in properties near the historic downtown area can offer a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities.

Winter Springs

Adjacent to Oviedo, Winter Springs is another city in Seminole County that boasts a commendable safety record. Its multiple recreational parks and tight-knit community vibe make it a hotbed for real estate investment.

Real Estate Tip: Look out for properties around the Tuskawilla area for the best combination of safety, aesthetics, and future value.

North Port

Situated in Sarasota County, North Port is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors. However, this city is quickly becoming recognized not only for its safety but also for its natural beauty, thanks to the nearby Warm Mineral Springs.

Real Estate Tip: Investing in properties around the springs or new developments can yield significant returns as the city’s popularity grows.

Cooper City

Back to Broward County, Cooper City stands out with its strong educational framework, diverse recreational programs, and dedicated law enforcement ensuring the safety of its residents.

Real Estate Tip: Newer developments in the area, with their modern amenities, are prime real estate spots, expected to see appreciation in the coming years.

What Makes These Cities Safe?

Several factors contribute to the safety of these cities:

Proactive Policing: These cities employ community-based policing strategies, ensuring open communication between law enforcement and residents.

Community Engagement: Active neighborhood watch programs, community events, and gatherings strengthen community bonds and deter crime.

Safest City Conclusion

Safety is paramount when considering a place to call home or making a real estate investment. Florida, with its diverse range of cities, offers plenty of safe havens for both residents and investors. Always keep in mind that, while current safety statistics provide a snapshot. It’s also essential to monitor ongoing trends, local news, and community developments when making a decision.