Property Report

A property report is a detailed summary of the estate. Each report is unique to each address and is generated when it's purchased. A property history report will help homebuyers and investors point out how the house has changed since it was first built. 


The demographics section is a breakdown of a population by age, income, genre, ethnicity, employment status, and much more. Knowing the demographic details of the home you are interested in will play a major part in your everyday life. 

Land Records

The land records section includes details on numerous things like liens on the property, property maps, property sales information, foreclosure, tax deed sales, mailing address, and other legal documents. 

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Property Records of Florida

Property Records of Florida works with new homeowners to generate the history of a specific home. The property history report includes numerous things like sales history, population data, County recording range, and much more. Property Record of Florida offers premium property reports for both residential and commercial categories. The report will let the client know when the property was first constructed, who currently owns it, its characteristics, the home value estimate, air rights, teacher-to-student ratio, and a lot more. Other services include a copy of the deed (when available) and aerial map photos.

A property history report will not only include details of a residential home but of commercial property for real estate investors. Property Records of Florida will provide the same residential service for commercial owners and or investors. When investors are looking into buying a building they should know the most they can of the property as possible. Think of the property history report like a digital history home inspection. Property Records of Florida will get the necessary data from various third-party providers and create an easy-to-read report. 

Our Clients

Property Records of Florida is a unique company that offers detailed property history reports not only to homeowners and home sellers but to mortgage brokers, professional real estate agents, insurance agents, developers, apartment managers, and others. Our clients will receive an up-to-date property profile report that has been generated to fit a specific address and property. The report will go through several revisions to give clients the best service possible. 

Our Dedication

Since the early 1990s, the company has been dedicated to providing the best easy-to-read property detailed report to anyone that wants to learn more about their home or building. By generating information that many real estate brokers and agents can't provide. Our dedication is the reason why so many real estate professionals refer us and why past clients return a second and third time. Property Records of Florida is dedicated to only providing top-notch assistance.  

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, we at the Property Records of Florida want to fill in the gap that real estate services fail to provide. By generating one property history at a time any homeowner or home seller can have access to premium data anytime anywhere. At the offices at the Property Records of Florida, we take our goal of giving it our 100 percent seriously. 

List of Services

  • Land  Details
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio
  • Mortgage Details
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • Releases
  • Copy of the Deed*
  • Finance Records
  • County Recording Range
  • Property History
  • Sales Records
  • Neighborhood Statistics
  • Summary of Records
  • Real Value
  • Population Data
  • And More

Over 15,000 Real Estate Experts Appreciate Our Work

With over 15,000 satisfied clients across the United States, the Property Records of Florida is trusted by real estate agents, homeowners, brokers, insurance agents, property managers, and others. Clients from across the U.S. have referred Property Records of Florida to their friends and family. Real estate professionals suggest that potential homebuyers get a property profile report from the Property Records of Florida before placing a bid to buy a home. 

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