Maximizing Your Real Estate Investment Strategy with Property Records of Florida

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Property profile reports from the Property Records of Florida are official documents that contain information about lands, commercial properties, and private homes within the state. These records are generated by citizens and stored with their local administrators. The Sunshine Law of Florida makes these records available to the public. Various individuals, including property owners, buyers, researchers, and real estate agents, require different types of Florida property records for various reasons.

The state of Florida has 67 counties, and each county’s clerk of court stores property records and makes them available to the public. Property appraisers in each county also provide property tax records.

Are Florida Property Profile Reports Public?

Yes, property profile reports are public records and available to anyone who requests them. The state’s Sunshine Law mandates that each county clerk stores and disseminates property records. Anyone can obtain property records by querying their county clerk or through Property Records of Florida that aggregate information from multiple sources.

What Information is Included in Property Profile Report?

Property profile reports from the Property Records of Florida include a wide range of information, depending on the type of record. Common types of property records in Florida include mortgage records, index maps, and property deeds.

Mortgage Records: The relationship between a homeowner and the mortgage provider who funded their property is documented in Florida mortgage records. These records include details such as the amount borrowed from the mortgage company, the amount borrowed by the homeowner, the interest rate, the repayment schedule, and any potential defaults on the borrower’s part.

Index Maps: Florida index maps are legal drawings (made to scale) that describe a property in relation to others. These maps provide information on the location of the property, its size, and its boundaries. Right-of-way maps, plat maps, subdivision maps, and plan line maps are a few types of maps.


Property Deeds: Florida property deeds are legal documents that validate a transfer of property between its original owner and the new buyer. These records list the name of the property owner and serve as proof of ownership. Different types of property deeds in Florida include statutory warranty deeds, grant deeds, limited warranty deeds, and quitclaim deeds. A copy of the property deed can be obtained by Property Records of Florida when a property profile report is purchased.

Statutory Warranty Deeds: Also known as general warranty deeds, statutory warranty deeds provide property buyers with the broadest level of protection. They are frequently used in residential real estate transactions. According to the contract, the seller is fully qualified and able to transfer the title. More importantly, it states that the seller is obligated to defend the property from all claims. Of all the deeds, it offers the broadest warranty.

Grant Deeds: Title is transferred to the buyer by grant deeds. This document also assures the new owner that the seller has not given the property’s ownership to a third party or left any unfulfilled legal liens on it.

Limited Warranty Deeds: Special warranty deeds or limited warranty deeds ensure that a seller has the legal right to transfer the title. The fact that the seller has no outstanding liens from the time they owned the property is even more significant. The protection provided by this deed, however, does not cover liens dating back to the period when the seller did not hold the property title.

Quitclaim Deeds: Quitclaim deeds make no claims about outstanding liens or other legal encumbrances on the real estate. Only the seller’s right to exchange the property title for money is guaranteed by the deed to the buyer.

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Property Records of Florida is a private company that provides access to property records for the entire state of Florida. By compiling and organizing property records from all 67 counties in the state, Property Records of Florida allows individuals to easily search for the information they need, regardless of where the property is located. Here are ten of the largest the company specializes in:

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