Daytona Beach Aims to be Recognized as One of the Nation’s Most Affordable Beach Towns

Daytona Beach Aims to be Recognized as One of the Nation's Most Affordable Beach Towns - 1 (800) 880-7954

Recognized as the “World’s Most Famous Beach” due to its beautiful shoreline, dynamic culinary scene, and the thrill of NASCAR racing, Daytona Beach is now striving for a new accolade – one of the country’s most economical beach towns. This classification is not self-proclaimed, but rather, is a distinction made by Thrillist, a digital platform specializing in travel, food, and entertainment. In a recent roundup, Thrillist featured Daytona Beach among other budget-friendly beachside spots across the United States.

The site credits the city’s affordability to an average median home cost of $256,550, adding the city’s proximity to Orlando and other beaches, the decrease in spring break visitors, and the unique opportunity to drive on the beach as enticing aspects for potential new inhabitants. But why is Daytona Beach considered one of the most reasonably priced beach towns in the U.S.?

The Financial Attraction of Daytona Beach: A Glimpse into Real Estate Prices

Local real estate agent, Paul Pratt, affirms Daytona Beach’s status as one of Florida’s least expensive beach towns. Yet, he argues that Thrillist’s median home price might not paint a comprehensive picture. “The average for three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes is probably $330,000. That’s probably a little more accurate,” Pratt mentions. He goes on to clarify that such homes on the beachside typically fall within a $300,000 to $350,000 price range. “As for single-family homes, $250,000 doesn’t stretch far; however, $330,000 is still fairly affordable.”

Daytona Beach: Appealing for More than Just Retirees

Pratt theorizes that Thrillist’s figure might be derived from a mix of modular homes, townhouses, and condos. He also suggests that the absence of major industries could limit the city’s appeal to a wider audience beyond retirees.

Apart from its famous Bike Week and NASCAR events, Daytona’s climate, its closeness to other renowned beach towns such as New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach, and its accessibility to Orlando and Disney World might serve as prime attractions for those contemplating a move to Daytona.

In the Thrillist roundup of most affordable beach towns, Daytona wasn’t the only Florida locale to be mentioned. Deerfield Beach in Broward County was also included, with a median home price of $297,138. According to Thrillist, this South Florida beach town offers proximity to more costly coastal cities such as Palm Beach and Miami, while maintaining a more “local” vibe.