College and University-Friendly Cities in the State of Florida

College and University-Friendly Cities in the State of Florida

Florida is known for education, real estate plays a big part when it comes to college and university. FL, known for its sun-kissed beaches and tourist attractions, also boasts a robust academic environment. With numerous colleges and universities, many cities in the state have cultivated a reputation as academic hubs, attracting students from all over the country and around the world. These institutions not only play a pivotal role in education but also significantly impact the local real estate markets in various ways.


Home to: University of Florida (UF)
Gainesville is synonymous with UF, one of the largest universities in the nation. The city is full of youthful energy, which is reflected in its various art scenes, music festivals, and nightlife.

Real Estate Impact: With a substantial student population, there’s a high demand for off-campus housing, leading to several apartment complexes and rental properties. Local businesses cater to students, which boosts commercial real estate.


Home to: Florida State University (FSU) & Florida A&M University (FAMU)
As the state capital, Tallahassee carries a blend of political and academic vibes. FSU and FAMU are central to the city’s identity.

Real Estate Impact: Similar to Gainesville, the demand for student housing is high. The areas around the universities are teeming with housing complexes, and the local neighborhoods often have homes converted to student rentals.


Home to: University of South Florida (USF)
Tampa is a bustling city that offers an attractive mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. USF adds a vibrant student community to this blend.

Real Estate Impact: USF’s continuous expansion has led to growth in housing developments around the area. Additionally, Tampa’s growth as a business hub ensures a buoyant real estate market, complemented by the student population.


Home to: University of Central Florida (UCF)
With attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is always bustling. UCF, one of the nation’s largest universities, further enriches the city.

Real Estate Impact: There’s a significant demand for student housing around UCF. This has led to rising property values and rental rates in neighborhoods close to the campus. The influx of international students also brings in a diverse range of housing requirements.

Coral Gables

Home to: University of Miami (UM)
Coral Gables, with its Mediterranean Revival architectural style and tree-lined boulevards, is a charming city. The presence of UM, a top-ranking university, further elevates its prestige.

Real Estate Impact: Coral Gables is an upscale community, and the university’s presence means a demand for premium student housing. The consistent need for housing, combined with the city’s desirability, ensures a steady appreciation of property values.

How Colleges and Universities Positively Affect Real Estate:

  1. Steady Demand: Institutions ensure a continuous influx of students, which leads to a consistent demand for housing, driving up rental yields and ensuring low vacancy rates.
  2. Infrastructure Development: Universities often lead to improved infrastructure in their vicinity, from better roads to public transport links, further enhancing real estate values.
  3. Business Opportunities: With a concentrated population on campuses, many businesses thrive in university areas, increasing the value of commercial properties.
  4. Employment: Universities are significant employers. Faculty and staff also need housing, ensuring a wider demographic requiring homes.
  5. Long-Term Investment: Universities tend to be stable institutions. Real estate investors view college towns as long-term investment opportunities since universities are unlikely to relocate or shut down suddenly.
  6. Diverse Demands: Different student groups have varied housing needs, from dormitories to luxury apartments, providing diverse opportunities for real estate developers.

Final Thoughts

Florida’s college-friendly cities offer a symbiotic relationship between academic institutions and real estate. The presence of universities ensures vibrant communities and prosperous real estate markets, making the state a hotspot for both education and investment.